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Providing Quality Frame to Finish Residential Construction

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Steve Fitzpatrick is an accomplished construction tradesman skilled in the craft of residential carpentry, construction and architectural design. Offering his artistry and expertise since 1995 and further sharing his talent as an independent contractor in 2005, Steve is always readily available to discuss client questions and feedback regarding project details.

Realizing customer value by keeping projects on time and on budget, Steve credits his solid reputation to simply enjoying his chosen work and rising to such challenges as decrypting the geometry and trigonometry behind building a deck in the shape of a dodecagon. He learns with every structure he builds while staying current on modern trends and appreciating the ancient structures of the past.

A member of the Rhode Island Builders Association, Steve upholds full state registration and licensure and is properly insured. His business serves Rhode Island by, “Providing quality frame to finish residential construction.” When not working, soaking up the sun or surfing the waves of the Ocean State, Steve adores spending time in his Rhode Island home with his wife and children.